How do I prepare my pool for the summer?

Aug 21, 2020 | Pool Design, Swimming Pools

Your swimming pool is an excellent source of attraction for your loved ones, especially during the summer season. During the summer, you enjoy the cool water in your pool.  However, before diving in, make sure your swimming pool is all ready for the season. As you have the best pool experience only during the summer, you have to do everything to make every swimming session safe, entertaining and memorable. Proper pool maintenance is important for a positive swimming experience. As an owner, it is also your responsibility to keep it clean. Although it may sound tough in the beginning, it will be easier to prepare the pool when you know what to do. Also, things will become easy when you have a professional pool repair company in DFW to help you with this job.

Here are a few things you should do to prepare your pool for the summer.

Inspect the water and the chemical levels

The water level and the chemical level in your pool may change throughout spring. So, it is important you should check the water and chemical levels first. If the water level is low, add more water so that it reaches the desired level. And for the chemicals, first, test the water before adding anything. You can use a test kit or strips to check the pH, chlorine, or salt levels. The test will give you the current condition of the pool.  You can add the chemicals as per the requirement once you have tested the water. If you have a chlorine pool, you can use shock to kill bacteria. It will also help in removing dead chorine.

Remove items that obstruct your way

First, remove the debris around the pool. Remove the loose leaves or branches so that they do not blow in or get pushed into the pool. If these things fall into the pool, you will have to spend more time cleaning it. They can also create problems with your filtration system.  Next, remove the pool cover.  Remove the leaves, debris, and water from the top of the cover so that they do not get into the water. Clean the cover, dry it, and them store it properly. Do not leave or store on the top of the grass or any other vegetation as it may kill these things if kept on top. Also, remove the algae and other pool debris using a skimmer, floor brush or a pool vacuum. You will find some winter plugs in your pool. You should carefully take them out as they are not required during the summer.

Check the pool equipment

The pool performance is directly dependent on the performance of the pool equipment. You should always check them at the beginning of the summer season. The pump is the core of your pool, so make sure it runs smoothly without any impediments. Check and clean the filters to ensure good performance. If you find any issue with the equipment, take immediate action. Get in touch with a pool service company in Dallas, Texas area to fix the issue without any further delay.

Clean the pool

It is unsafe and unhealthy to swim in a dirty pool.  Also, nobody enjoys swimming in a dirty pool. Clean your pool to enhance your pool experience. You can clean it yourself, but it is recommended to take professional help if you have little or no knowledge of doing it. DIY cleaning is suggested only when the pool is not so dirty or you have the right knowledge and expertise. The professionals know how to clean it using the right cleaning products and tools. You can also vacuum your pool. It will ensure there is no area containing the algae and grime. You will also not find small debris becoming your obstacle in your swimming.

Final Thoughts

Preparing your pool for the summer season is not that challenging if you follow the above-mentioned steps and don’t skip a professional cleaning and maintenance of your pool. The water will remain pristine without any microbes or pathogens. Your pool will be an inviting spot during the summer months for your loved ones.

Professional pool services from pool experts in Dallas, Texas

Creative Pools is your pool service company for helping you prepare the pool for the summer season. We provide a professional repair and maintenance service to suit all individual needs. Our experts can check as well as trouble shoot water problems, inspect the equipment and treat the water with the right chemicals to make it suitable for healthy swimming.  We have a long list of happy clients who often say how pleased they are to receive our professional and reliable services. We are prompt, eager, and always equipped to help you in the best possible manner.

Give us a call to know how we can help you prepare your pool for the summer.


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