Do you have to have a permit to build a pool?

Jun 16, 2020 | Pool Design, Swimming Pools

So, you have decided to have a swimming pool to spend quality time with your loved ones. But before you dive into constructing one, there is one important thing you need to take care of, a permit to build the pool. Although the requirements may vary from one state to another, and from one city to another, you need a permit to build a pool. The permit ensures that all pool regulations and requirements are met to prioritize the safety of all those who are using the pool or are around the pool.

Before building a swimming pool, you need to apply for the necessary permits. If you are using a contractor, they will help you in the application process.  As a homeowner, you can also complete the formalities but if you are not confident about your capabilities, the job should be left in the hands of your contractor. The application process is all about gathering relevant information and documents, and submitting the completed application form along with the fees. Once the permit is issued, you can work along with your contractor to build the swimming pool. After the completion of the work, an inspection is a must. This will again ensure the safety of users.

The process of getting a permit for pool building

The process of getting a permit for pool building is simple but it requires some homework and coordination.

  • If applicable, you should check with your homeowner’s association if the pool is permitted in your community or not.
  • Collect all the relevant information
  • Submit the completed permit application at the respective office
  • Pay the fees for getting the permit
  • Wait for the permit to be issued
  • Build the pool, fence along with any electrical installations if required
  • Call for the inspection before using the pool

The necessary requirements for applying for a pool construction permit

Now you may be eager to know what all information is necessary for getting a permit for building a pool.  As an applicant, you need to furnish the plot plan that shows where you are going to build the pool. You should provide the address of the project, property owner’s name, address and contact numbers; dimensions of the pool that needs to be built, and the estimated cost of building the pool.  The pool plan should show pool specifications and fencing details. Fencing is a must with a self-latching gate of the same size as the fence. This will prevent children from passing through or under the fence.

You also need to mention how far the pool will be from the house and the property boundaries. You may not be aware that there are some requirements for the distance between the pool, house and property boundaries. Your contractor should also provide the design including the pool’s assembly instructions.

For building a pool, different types of permits are required. The minimum necessity is for the construction and the barrier that surrounds the pool area. On top of that, you also need an electrical or gas permit. If you use electricity for the pool, you need an electrical permit, and if you use gas for heating purposes, you need a gas permit. You will also have to highlight how you are going to drain water from your pool.  Ideally, the wastewater from the pool should be drained to the building drainage system, through an indirect waste pipe by using an air gap.

How long does it take to get the permit?

The time to get the permit may vary from one project to another depending on the complexity of the work. It may take 3 to 6 working days to obtain it. You should make sure to fill in all the requirements before you submit it to the respective office. This will make the process smooth.

Why an inspection of the pool is important?

The main purpose of the pool inspection process is to ensure all safety requirements have been met or not. It also includes verification of electrical installations.  The inspectors will also check whether the barrier is correctly installed or not and is safe or not. You cannot use the swimming pool until and unless the entire inspection is complete.

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