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Having a pool is an expensive investment and maintaining your investment to ensure longevity is a must for any homeowner. We offer several maintenance and repair services to keep your swimming pool functioning properly, including regular cleaning, equipment replacements and structural renovations. With over 35 years of experience, Creative Pools is your go-to company for all your pool needs.

Pool Maintenance Services Dallas, TX

Pool Maintenance

Having a swimming pool is great fun, especially in the Texas heat. However, regular maintenance and cleaning is not. Creative Pools not only builds pools but offers scheduled maintenance services as well. Depending upon your needs, we will work with your cleaning needs to determine the right schedule for you.

Our maintenance services include:

Regular Cleanings

Debris Removal from Pumps

Pool Filter Replacements

Chlorine Level Adjustments

Pool Repair Services Dallas, TX

Pool Repairs

Whether you need repairs to the structure of your swimming pool or have electrical components on the fritz, Creative Pools has an experienced team ready to help. Our pool technicians will evaluate the repairs needed and if equipment replacement is required, we will provide you with the most cost-effective solutions based on your needs. We’ll be sure to get you back into your pool as soon as possible.

Our pool repair services include:

Leak Detection and Repairs

Structural Repairs

Electrical Equipment Repairs and Replacement

Filter Repairs and Replacement

Pool Liner Repairs and Replacement

Pool Renovations Dallas, TX

Pool Renovations

If you have a pool that is over 15 years old, it may be time to remodel or renovate. Creative Pools can complete simple renovations such as lighting or tile replacements to complete remodels. If you need a pool renovation but aren’t sure exactly what should be done, our experience in swimming pool design will help us guide you in the pool transformation you desire.

Our renovation services include:

Tile Replacement

Coping Replacement

Decking Replacement

Adding or Updating Heating Equipment

Lighting Replacement

Pump or Filter Replacement

Controller Replacement

Refinishing Pool Interior

With a complete remodel of your pool, the process is very similar to building a new pool apart from digging / excavation. We can completely replace the pool interior, tile, lighting and coping to give your pool a fresh new look. If you are looking to enlarge the pool, change the depth or make additions such as a spa or water feature, Creative Pools can help with that too.

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