How do you clean a stained pool without draining it?

Oct 12, 2020 | Pool Design, Swimming Pools

Having a swimming pool is a great way to beat the brutal Texas heat. However, swimming pools, especially the ones that are left stagnant for a long period of time and those that have not been properly winterized, tend to develop unsightly stains over time that can kill your summer fun.

In order to freshen up the swimming pool in your Dallas home, you may consider acid washing it. Though, you should keep in mind that acid washing involves draining the pool, which is an [unnecessarily] inconvenient, expensive, and complicated process that can even cause extensive damage to the surface of your pool.

There are many reasons why you should never consider draining your swimming pool. To start with, every time you drain your pool, the shell etches and gives a place for algae to grow. Draining may even cause the swimming pool shell to crack and pop out. In the worst-case scenario, draining a pool can build up hydro-static pressure under the pool, which can lift the entire pool out of the ground, causing irreparable damage.

Fortunately, there are ways to clean your pool stains without draining the pool: a no-drain acid wash.

How Does a No-Drain Acid Wash Work?

A no-drain acid wash is arguably the best method to restore your swimming pool to its former glory without damaging its surface in any way. It is also much more cost and time-effective than many other stain removal methods.

As the name implies, it refers to acid washing the pool without draining it. A no-drain acid wash uses three types of acid — Muriatic Acid (Hydrochloric, or HCl), Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4), and a dry acid called Sodium Bisulfate (NaHSO4) — to lower the pH of the pool water to around 1.0 and an alkalinity level close to 0. However, the most common acid used in muriatic acid. The use of these acids in the pool water creates a corrosive water environment that strips off a thin layer of plaster from your pool, exposing the newer, cleaner layer of plaster underneath.

At Creative Pools, we can help you remove those stubborn stains in your pool with a no-drain acid wash. If you live anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, give us a call at (214) 373-7665 to speak with one of our pool experts today.

How to Acid Wash Your Pool without Draining?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to no-drain acid washing the swimming pool in your Dallas home:

Step 1: Make sure you turn off your swimming pool filtration system and remove any time switch trippers to prevent the pool from turning back on.

Step 2: Protect any metal fixtures in the pool (such as steel gutters, starting blocks, railings, and bulkhead) from oxidation or discoloration by applying petroleum jelly on them.

Step 3: Add the acid. Calculating a precise acid dosage depends on the pH and size of your pool. If your pool has a pH reading of 7.6, for example, and an average-sized 15,000-gallon pool, you should add 1 ¼ oz of acid. For a more clearer idea of how much acid to add, refer to the table below:

pH 1000 gal 5000 gal 10,000 gal 15,000 gal 20,000 gal 25,000 gal 50,000 gal
7.6-7.8 1 ¼ oz. 6 oz. 12 oz. 18 oz. 24 oz. 1 qt. 2 qts.
7.8-8.0 1 ½ oz. 8 oz. 16 oz. 24 oz. 1 qt. 1 ¼ qts. 2 ½ qts.
8.0-8.4 2 ½ oz. 12 oz. 24 oz. 1 ¼ qts. 1 ½ qts. 2 qts. 1 gal.
<8.4 3 oz. 16 oz. 1 qt. 1 ½ qts. 2 qts. 2 ½ qts. 1 ¼ gal.


Step 4: Brush the pool surface, starting right at the waterline and down to the bottom curve of the pool. Make sure you cover every inch of the pool.

Step 5: Test the alkalinity levels of the pool water the next day. Add more acid as necessary.

Step 6: Repeat steps (4) and (5) for every day of the no-drain acid wash treatment.

Step 7: As soon as you cannot the stains anymore and your pool is clean, begin to rebalance the pool slowly. You can use a base demand test to estimate the amount of pH increaser you will need. Turn the pool filtration system back on once the pH levels in the pool water reach 7.2.

A word of caution

If not handled correctly and with too much exposure, the acid used in the process of acid washing can be very dangerous. It can burn your skin immediately on contact. Therefore, it is important that you wear proper protective clothing, including safety glasses, rubber gloves, and boots. Better yet, hire professional pool cleaning contractors in DFW who have been extensively trained in acid application and safety. They will be able to do the cleaning job faster and more effectively.

Professional Pool Maintenance and Repairs in DFW, TX

If you live in the DFW area and are looking for a professional pool contractor, we have you covered. At Creative Pools, we have over three decades of offering pool maintenance and repair services to homeowners in Dallas, Highland Park, University Park, Richardson, Addison, Plano, Carrollton, Irving, Grand Prairie, and Midlothian. From no-drain acid wash pool cleaning to structural renovations, you can trust us for all your pool needs.

Call us at (214) 373-7665 to speak with one of our pool professionals today or contact us online. We are more than happy to help you with your stains without cost or obligation. Also, don’t forget to tune into your blog for more tips and insight into pool ownership in DFW.

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