How often should you resurface a pool?

Feb 19, 2021 | Pool Design, Swimming Pools

The very first thing that we associate with a swimming pool is relaxation and fun. A swimming pool can very well be the favorite part of all members of your household. How can it not be? Owning a swimming pool has various advantages, and each of these advantages relates to spending quality time while enjoying your home.

However, after a while, your swimming pool starts to collect dust, and the materials start losing their original shine. Whether you believe it or not, your swimming pool’s entire look is going to change over time, but don’t allow yourself to completely abandon your swimming pool by leaving it in the same state.


As soon as you notice any initial signs of wear and tear in your swimming pool, it would be best if you started thinking about resurfacing your pool.

Even though you can get it done without any hassle, most homeowners don’t know how often they should get it done. If you are one of them, do not worry since we have all the answers you are looking for.

When should you initiate the process?

It would help if you looked for any signs of deterioration, which should tell you when it’s time for repairs. This means that you will notice traces on your swimming pool, which indicates surface damage.

If you notice such damage, it means that you need to take specific steps to prevent it. Nevertheless, there are a few more symptoms which you need to consider as warning signs.

If you have an outdoor pool, it is quite logical and normal for you not to swim in fairly low temperatures during winters. This implies that your swimming pool is not going to be functional until the winter ends.

This is an ideal opportunity for you, as the homeowner, to refresh it. The project will take you two weeks of work, which means that winter is the perfect time to get it done. This also means that your pool is going to be entirely ready for the coming summer season.

You should also get your pool resurfaced if you notice any loss of color. This happens due to staining from chemicals, materials, etc.

This implies all kinds of visible damage to your swimming pool. If you don’t get this fixed, it will only expand and do further damage to your swimming pool. Nevertheless, many other external influences can affect your swimming pool, so it’s best if you paid attention.

Factors you need to consider before resurfacing your swimming pool

In the earlier part of this blog, we have tried to help you understand how good a surface refresh for your swimming pool is. We have also mentioned all the factors that suggest you need to take action as soon as possible.

However, you also need to consider getting a few items if you choose to opt for a pool resurface project. Pay attention to the given few things: topcoat material, steps that you need to take during this process, general surface type.

Even though the process is one of the primary activities included in regular pool maintenance, you still need to keep in mind that each one of these is different.

Nowadays, we can find a variety of different materials, shapes, services, designs, etc. This implies that each one of them requires a different approach. Be sure that you do your research before you start any work.

How often should you repeat this procedure?

First of all, if the thought of having a clean and smooth surface is continuously on your mind, you will surely notice when things go south. However, if you wish to find the specific timeframe within which you need to get your pool resurfaced, it depends on various factors.

The first and most crucial factor that you need to consider is the nature of the material used in your swimming pool. For instance, if your swimming pool includes plaster and cement, you need to stay prepared to repeat this process every few years, up to a maximum of eight.

On the other hand, if your swimming pool is built using materials that are known to give a longer life span, you won’t have to repeat this process for the next 15 years, which is a long period.

Other factors

Of course, there are various other factors, such as external influences. Some of these external factors can speed up this period, which may require you to get your swimming pool refreshed earlier than usual.

It would be best if you tried to clean your swimming pool regularly and kept algae and other elements out of your swimming pool.

Also, please pay some extra attention to the surface of your pool to look for any signs of damage. Being 100% sure is never a bad thing, so you need to be thorough with your examination.

DIY or professional help

Even though this kind of project does not require any demanding steps, it carries a great deal of responsibility. We are not sure how smart it is for you to play with water in such a case. Why do we say this? We tell you this because you can hardly stop the tremendous amount of water when it starts to flow out of your swimming pool.

The consequences of such an event are very unpleasant since a flooded yard, or the damage caused by it is not a good sight. Our point being, if you end up making a mistake in a project like this, you put yourself at risk of facing a similar situation in your backyard.

A mistake like this can end up costing you a lot of money. However, even if you end up doing everything correctly, you will not be able to do this all by yourself. It will take at least two people who will have to work for up to 24 hours to get everything done correctly.

This applies to homeowners who have smaller pools, and when it comes to large pools, it means twice as many people are required for the job. So, perhaps hiring experts is still your best choice in this scenario. Get in touch with Creative Pools today!

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